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Monday, September 26, 2011


Full Track Hair Extensions- very cute! Sew in weaves are better than glue hair extensions and are healthier for your hair. Yes, it is sad but sometimes you don't want certain women to be your friend- they hate on everyone that is not them. So get the invisible part and look your fabulous best- no fake looking extensions for you! I help ladies to regrow their hair every day- some of hair loss due to a cosmetologist painting glue with a brush on their scalp and attaching a hair piece, others lost their hair to heavy handed braiders, and medications prescribed by doctors.

Add this invisible part, and it looks like its your own hair- the haters will hate you even more and you will be laughing even harder for it lol. Ladies! We all dream of that celebrity style sewin weave that is sets us apart from the rest right? This is a traditional invisible part weave- I used Braid Now 18in. Any questions?

Here is the LONG HAIR EXTENSIONS APPLICATION VIDEO for track hair extensions. Ever wondered how to get your hair extensions to last longer? Look more believable? Leave none of your hair out? I'm sure you've seen other videos this is our take on believable sewin weaves, full head, no hair left out. I hope you have been waiting to see Kaale's video on SIMPLE TO DO HAIR EXTENSIONS!

This video (PART 1) contains ONLY the SEWIN EXTENSIONS for a full head. application. In PART2 on this page, I show the Before for Applying Caucasian Sewin Hair Extensions. After not included in video.

Most FULL HEAD TRACK HAIR EXTENSIONS use a little under two packs of hair. For very full applications two packs of hair is used. See how it looks- coming soon- PART 3, if you will.

Enjoy the gorgeous sewin hair extensions that truly show what weft or track hair extensions can do for a Caucasian lady when it is done by one of New Jersey's Leading Hair Extensions Specialist - Kaale, in Hamilton NJ.

To Wash Hair: If using packaged hair follow this regimen to wash hair: drench hair shaft only with warm water, then spray hair shaft with diluted mixture of 1 part conditioner to two parts water. Work diluted conditioner to the tips. Repeat. Rinse with warm water.

For scalp: use clean wash cloth and very warm water- 4 parts water to 1 part shampoo, and gently scrub the scalp. Spray scalp with remaining diluted conditioner mixture. Rinse scalp by drenching wash cloth and using one corner of wash cloth to allow warm water to trickle onto scalp until all shampoo is removed. Try not to have too much water trickling into hair. Rinse the hair shaft one last time. Pat scalp dry with towel. If in a hurry blow some warm air on scalp with blow dryer after applying your usual scalp treatment or dandruff preventer/ dryness preventer such as Organic Root Stimulator(R).

If using real human hair- you know- hair sold by the ounce or by the pound, washing is a lot simpler- wash hair gently by wetting entire head. You can afford to be a little more generous with the shampoo, and no wash cloth is necessary.

Pay no attention to the haters- they are laying a rotten egg- when people like that hate something, rejoice, 'cos you've got something they cannot ever have, LOL!


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