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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Scalp Massage Service- hair growth will make you feel great!

Hi Ladies! It's Kaale, I am here to announce our new standalone service- Scalp Massage service that is open to everyone, whether treebraids, hair extensions, brazilian knots, getting hair styled elsewhere, wearing a wig, or living with naked natural or permed hair. Now, customers are already aware that I offer this scalp massage included in the price of their treebraids and other styles.

This is a best kept secret of Treebraids by Kaale that some clients are saying should be a secret no more because it has helped their hair to grow and now their lives have changed for the better. If you are already a client also, you know that to get the scalp massage you don't have to ask for it- you anticipate it, because it's free with every hair styling we do.

Now that the scalp massage service is also is offered as a stand alone service- this means that someone can call and say:

"Hi Kaale I have heard about your scalp massage service and I need an appointment."

In reply we say: "Hi- when would you like to come in?"

We schedule an appointment for you by including the price which is currently $30 for a 20 minutes.

This paragraph is speaking to the needs of Women of Color, who usually have a drier scalp: you have a choice to have natural oils or a light oil product massaged into your scalp and hair. Women of color- Black women, Spanish women, and all other 'minority' women will appreciate the healthy natural oils that will soften their hair, make it more elastic and resistant to brittleness and breakage.

Caucasian ladies- you don't need oils added to your hair- your hair manufactures oils that cause you to have to wash your hair much more often. So unless you request it, you will be receiving a 'dry' scalp massage.

Service is available in 20 minute increments. Two sessions can be back to back or a brief interlude in-between the two. When getting your hairdo- cornrow treebraids, individual treebraids, invisible treebraids, double-breasted treebraids or any braid or hair extensions style, the massage is actually probably 10-15minutes. Successful appointment- we don't wash hair.


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