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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Virgin Remy Hair Sales- Where to BUY Remy Hair That won't Tangle or Shed

Virgin Remy hair is sold everywhere. These days just look under a rock and you will find some! Now when one of my clients wants to bring her own 'virgin Brazilian remy' hair to get her treebraids done and the quality is worse than human blend hair, you know she was upset. What is worse, the human blend hair I offer to clients who do not plan on reusing or immersing their hair in water was of a better quality than that. Needless to say, my client was not the only one suffering- the tangling made braiding the hair quite difficult, which resulted in going over time by 2 hours! That hair was purchased from ebay and the seller even sold it to her for approx. $40 per 4oz bundle for 22" length. Aha! say you, How can someone get 22" long Brazilian remy hair for around that price? Well, sadly that should have been the red flag. You may have noticed that I have not posted in a while- I had been investigating the merits of selling remy hair to my clients. In order to do that I had to ferret out all the 'bad hair' in order to find some good quality hair. So why did it take so long and did it really have to take all that time? The answer is yes. A new website has been born, a product of all the hard work put into looking for the best possible remy hair- the purest of the virgin remy hair. TAMI ROMAN'S HAIR: In the process of discovery, I came across several posts on the internet speculating on Tami Roman's hair- whether she had treebraids or not. The answer of course is yes. However Tami changes up her styles a little. Once she even had Brazilian Knots, but it must have been installed at a braid shop in what would pass as 'celebrity hood': where in the world did a stylist believe that it was ok to put Brazilian knots all the way up to a client's hairline? OMG it was so tacky no wonder the whole web was abuzz, One thing though- if that was my client and in the off chance that she asked to have them installed that way, I would advise against it. That's what a good stylist does: she doesn't put her clients in fashion police harms way. One thing no one can fault Tami Roman for is good quality hair, and now we have it! The 20" Brazilian remy in curly, 4-5 bundles of it styled in treebraids, and your hair will look quite like celebrity Tami Roman's remy hair. Don't forget to visit and follow me on Instagram. Many of you wonderful younger clients highly recommended it and the rest is history. I love you all for that so mmmmmuuah!


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