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Friday, September 27, 2013

Remy Hair Sales- Why You Should Invest in Virgin Remy Unprocessed Hair For Your Treebraids

Remy hair sales of unprocessed hair for treebraids is all the buzz these days and I am all for using this good quality reusable hair! Here are some advantages and I know not everyone can afford it, but a lot of hairdressers/hairstylists are using it now too. Many will place hair on a layaway plan for you- just ask, it doesn't hurt to ask, and you may put that phone down with a BIG FAT GRIN on your pretty face LOL!

Advantages of Using Our Remy hair over beauty supply store hair:

  • Virgin remy or unprocessed remy hair is reusable up to at least 5 times/installs
  • The Natural Hair Revolution welcomes you with open arms. Give it a rest- get a reprieve from hours of natural hair maintenance!
  • Compliments from EVERYONE- family, friends, coworkers, out and about!
  • There are even some individuals who will grudgingly acknowledge your added beauty!
  • Virgin remy hair is virtually maintenance free.
  • No need for a hair regimen- including scarf, bonnet, etc.
  • In the morning spritz lightly with plain water, rub a little creamy conditioner between the palms of your hand, run through hair from top of install to the tips of the hair, comb or brush, and style as desired.
  • virgin remy hair can be curled and straightened back and forth.



Tree Braids are a girls best friend.

Mongolian Remy Hair- Kinky Curly Curl Pattern

Introducing another of my high end clientele. My clients hair is all natural- see how my client's natural hair blends in so seamlessley with the unprocessed Mongolian remy hair. Beautifully blended. You can get the same too. If your hair is in the transitioning phase, just be sure to cut all the perm from your tips first.

My client chose Brazilian knots because she wants at least 6 months freedom from getting her hair done again with all that it entails. During such time she may decided to perm her hair if that is what she wants, or stay put and remain on her natural hair journey. During consultation with this client it was ascertained that time was very important to combine different techniques to arrive at the desired results.

Brazilian knots are installed in the back. For the front leave out we installed a sewin weave using the same hair. Her edges were undisturbed.

Back View:

Front View:

Brazilian knots are a girls true friend.


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