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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free Straight Hair For Tree Braids - How To Get Best Kept Secret Of A Treebraider

Treebraiders are now offering free hair. Yes, free hair! If you bring your own hair you now get a $20 credit. Treebraids (also spelled Tree Braids) are done with straight hair, wavy hair, curly, and kinky curly hair.
Treebraids are done with any type of straight hair, including bone straight- you will need the smaller size if doing cornrow treebraids. Straight hair with some body to it, is also available. In 2011 I noticed this trend ever since I released my new treebraiding pattern on the internet.

How Treebraiders Can Now Offer Free Hair:
With a pattern that is conducive to hiding a woman's hairline, that also sheds one hour off treebraiding time, yet does not compromise on fullness, length, and the cornrows are close together, treebraiders can afford to offer something for free.

Type of Hair:
So what type of hair is this? It is Batik Loose Deep, and also Batik Loose Body by Outre. This hair is not synthetic. The hair is not 100% human. It is human hair quality that is the cream of the crop of all human hair quality hair. The hair is silky to the touch, soft, tangle free, and the quality stays true even after 3 months! Most so called human hair by then would have given up the ghost. Unless of course you use the real human hair that is sold by the ounce.

Where to Get Batik Hair:
Online, or at your local hair supply store such as in Trenton, and Hamilton New Jersey. However, you might want to call ahead. My local hair supply store discontinued the sale of Batik because the majority of treebraiders, including myself, were recommending the Batik brand to their customers who could not afford packaged human hair. They didn't sell enough of the packaged human hair as they would have wanted. Come to find out years later, with lots of people still continuing to ask for it, the grudgingly brought the Batik brand back, but not in as many textures as they used to carry in their store.

Batik is the wave of the future, and it's not slowing down any. Hopefully more and more women will become aware of the real advantages of the Batik hair and become less entangled with packaged human hair- because it does not last as long, and is often 600% more expensive.


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