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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TreeBraids Frequently Asked Questions, All Textures


What are Treebraids? That page details client consultation of their natural hair, and how to accommodate the length, texture, etc. to get the desired treebraids look. Those are individual treebraids. Click here for more individual treebraids.

Click here to see more treebraids styles to give you an inkling or idea as to the different looks you can achieve for cornrow treebraids. That page is for cornrow treebraids. Click here for treebraids hair loss solutions.

Is there a difference between Treebraids and Microbraids?

  • First, let's identify the style of microbraids in question. This is the style of microbraids that are braided a little then let loose. Yes, there is a difference.

    Individual treebraids and microbraids would look alike if treebraids technique did not require pulling hair out along the length of the braid. Doing so makes individual treebraids look more like a weave. Individual treebraids and microbraids only look alike from the back. Individual treebraids last longer than microbraids (the ones that are braided a little then let loose) when: 1. quality human hair is used. 2. The branches of the treebraids can be used to camouflage the growth at the scalp.

    Click here for Treebraids, Microbraids, and more African hair braiding style definitions.

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What is Lacing? Is there a difference between Lacing and Interlocking?

  • Click here for Treebraids, Microbraids, and more African hair braiding style definitions.

Do you include the hair for braiding?

  • Yes, most styles include the price. Enquire about the particular style you need, or are trying to recreate.

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Additional questions:
  • This questions gets asked a lot, and for good reason:
  • Question: "Do I have to perm my natural hair to get TreeBraids?" Answer: No.
  • Question: "My hair is very short in the back/ nape. Can I still get TreeBraids?"
  • Answer: Yes. View youtube video that responds to this hair: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx3rt3u6aMM
  • Question: "My hair is very long can I get TreeBraids in a shorter style?"
  • Answer: Yes. Here is a link to the youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx5RHJooNJ4
  • Question: "I was told I cannot get cornrow TreeBraids because my natural hair is very long- is that true?"
  • Answer: No.
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