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Monday, May 24, 2010

TREEBRAIDS BY KAALE in NJ: Tree Braids Professional, Corporate, Tree Braids

Professional Treebraids in NJ:
Treebraids expert, yes trust ME, Kaale here for your professional looking Treebraids. Any style Treebraids: All Treebraids. Partial Treebraids. Partial cornrows. Partial weaves. Whatever your hair needs, we have the skills to match, and exceed. A talented, skilled treebraider!

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TREEBRAIDS- small ones. We give your more than the competition- class, style, longevity of your treebraids style. Plus, we can travel to you in NJ, NY, NYC, PA- anywhere else, we get flown in for your special occasion.

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It is not necessary to first relax your hair before coming to the appointment.Human hair is included with the hair. If you prefer a specific brand of hair and want to bring your own hair, $20 will be taken off the price. Additional style options: Half treebraids with weave in back or side, like Jill Scotts here: http://www.upalmit.com/treebraidsblog.html

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My NoSho(SM) hair extensions: Treebraids do not show any cornrows- see the bottom of this page! Enjoy the benefit of seamless Treebraids, weaves, and extensions for African American, and Caucasian ladies. Originator, Invisible Part treebraids. Others especially on Craigslist try to copy- just look at my work compared to theirs. In addition to our revolutionary invisible part treebraids for corporate, we also offer regular treebraids- the southern treebraids that show the cornrows, if you prefer a lower budget or casual look. If you want a safe, clean, affordable place to do your hair call me: Kaale (609) 213-7985. We can accommodate any schedule because we are open 24 hours a day, all 7 days a week. We can also travel to you. Please let me know if you are on a budget so we can accommodate you for higher priced styles. In this recession we know everyone is trying to stretch their hard earned dollars.

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CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT TREEBRAIDS: http://www.upalmit.com/treebraidsblog.html

CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING HAIRLOSS: http://www.treebraids4hairloss.com

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Treebraids with wet and wavy hair- the back can be braided into individual treebraids- the braid doesn't show. This is great for the ladies whose hair has broken off by bad perms or allergic reactions to some chemical, making the hair too short to cornrow. As you can see, the hair can be pulled up in a ponytail. Even if you don't have short hair in the back, you can have individual Treebraids in the back too at no extra cost. Or, both front and back, or perimeter. It's all in how one prefers to wear one's hair. Just tell us. It will be done. Just come with shampooed, and combed hair so I can do the magic on your hair.

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I provide treebraiding service 7 days a week, convenient to any schedule. Call me, Kaale! The Treebraiding Expert: (609) 213-7985. The only professional treebraider on Craigslist. The only professional undetectable treebraiding expert in NJ, PA, NY, NC, MD, VA and all 50 States! Professional treebraids that are undetectable (thanks to less experienced treebraiders on Craigslist women are now confused as to what undetectable treebraids are. For undetectable treebraids please feast your eyes on my NoSho(SM) hair extension Treebraids! Get your Treebraids and let your friends and coworkers envy you! Receive compliments every single day! View our additional flawless undetectable treebraids styles

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Hair is available for all Tree Braid styles. Treebraids can use processed synthetic hair too. Just so you know what the differences are in case you want to bring your own instead. We take new appointments 24hrs so just call. Other accommodations? Just please ask- the ladies from Connecticut, New York, Pennsy, and New Jersey know what I am talking about. We hope this second quarter is working for you. TREEBRAIDS are sexy and make you feel great. So don't wait to get yours! We can also travel to your location in NJ, NY, PA, and more.

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