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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TREEBRAIDS by Kaale: Wet and Wavy Human Hair for Braiding, Straight- 18", $10 in NJ

Treebraids just got a little bit cheaper with human hair at cost to my customers. Eureka! 18" human hair for treebraids and other braids and weaves is expensive. Quality human hair is even more expensive. Introducing our new product offering at a deep, discounted price for our treebraiding and other braids styles customers.

What would you say, especially if you are a current customer, if we told you that you no longer need to spend a lot of money buying your own human hair? We have been researching to find quality, affordable, long, curly, and straight human hair to offer to our treebraids, individual treebraids, microbraids, and invisible braids customers.

Human hair for braiding:

Our customers enjoy free, as well as almost free quality, long, human hair for treebraids and braiding needs. There is no doubt that treebraids are beautiful, and now with our deep discounted prices of our Satin Shake n Go human hair, you will love it even more.


As you may already know, Shake n Go human hair is being sold at least $40 per pack, especially on amazon.com. Price to our customers is only $10/pack at cost, for lower priced styles. Price for more sophisticated styles: $0. If you go to another stylist your price is a minimum of $30 per pack for wet and wavy or straight hair.

Current Colors:

Straight human hair: Off black(1B)

Wet and wavy human hair: Black(1), and Off black(1B)

Solutions we provide:

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