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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New To Tree Braids- So Invest in Good Hair or Nah?

Tree Braids styles are so beautiful, and also versatile. Should you also add 'near' maintenance-free hair to the mix? Looking beautiful and being able to move the extension hair around to create so many different looks is quite appealing to many of us women. But is that you? Your decision for or against will depend largely on the size of your pocket book.

The ability to afford the best and what we want are unfortunately forever married together. We have all been there at the very beginning where we tried some hair that made us WORK just to look right. Remember the combing and brushing? Adding product without results? The shedding. Imagine if there was hair out here that eliminated all the woes a woman (and possibly her husband, or significant other) had to face?!

There is good hair out here to eliminate those problems and more. I recommend getting virgin remy hair for the most longest lasting results. The non-virgin hair that has been dyed doesn't last as long because of the chemicals used to change the color of the hair. For this reason if you want colored hair get Eurasian hair- comes in blonde all the way to 613 platinum blonde.

To be fair, quite a few women will be finding themselves asking this question for the very first time. One may especially ask themselves this question if they are going to a braid shop. Even more especially, if one is going to a braid shop or an individual that does not specialize in tree braids.

Click here to read more on the advantages of investing in good quality hair. Very informative, posted 2 years ago- check it out you may have missed it.

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Most of you ladies -and a few gentlemen who have zeroed in on the hairstyles of the love of their life because "when she's happy he's happy"- need more information about treebraids. I have compiled my youtube vidoes related to treebraids. Check out my Playlist on www.youtube.com/kaaleshairbraiding channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXmaKSQ8PW-M4X6GKWF_5vrN7FXNWeRcp Sit back, relax, and soak in all the information details, and all the different images corresponding to different types of treebraids, and we can only hope that you will have a Kaale inspired "light bulb moment".

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