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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tree Braids Hair Length To Buy- 22"? 20"? 8"? Minimum Length Required by Your Tree Braider

Tree Braids Hair Length To Buy: I wrote an article on this over 4 years ago to help all ladies out, however I still get asked this question so here we go:

The best length hair to buy for tree braids styles, especially for cornrow tree braids styles, depends on the technique(s) used by the tree braider. Yes indeed, there are so many talented Black women out here doing their own thing. Ask them if their technique requires folding of the hair. If not then Sister Girl you are free in these United States and abroad to pick whatever hair length floats your boat. 18", 20", 22", 24" and longer have been used for tree braids for both bob styles as well as longer lengths.

However this is now a thing of the past! I mean 8", 10", 12" have been used for tree braids. How does this work? There are techniques that do not require the hair to be folded, and we all know that the longer the hair the more it costs right? So if the extension hair does not need to be folded then you get to keep most of the length.

However to be sure, you may need another half pack of hair for volume. I have never needed more than 2 packs of hair to do a great head of treebraids. However when straight hair is being used, and a little bit more volume is preferred, THAT's when I say add another half pack or so!

Take a look at some of these treebraid styles where hair was not folded:

Look at some more treebraid styles that were not folded, installed by moi- TreeBraids by Kaale:

Now look at some styles where I (Tree Braids by Kaale) folded SOME of the hair for my AmericanGirl(sm) tree braids, or all of it:

I just updated this blog this March- did you notice?

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  1. Tree Braids hair extensions can be braided with any hair length you want if your Tree Braider's technique(s) does not require FOLDING.